Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days of the download

There was a time when you would pay $30 for a music CD at the local music retailer. To make sure you were not wasting your money you could stand there in the store wearing headphones and listen to every tune on the album. When satisfied you walked out 30 bucks poorer, a tiny plastic bag with a plastic case and a CD in it.

Then came the days of the Download.

You can hear the whole album on the net and you can buy an MP3 download of lesser quality than the CD for less than half price.

You can have standard movies downloaded to your computer for half price or less. It is very difficult to download a Blu ray DVD you need a very large bandwidth and a plan that permits you to download a large amount of GBs. Good for you Blu Ray DVD! You can download Wii cheats, PS2 cheats, free apps, essentially anything that can be put on a DVD can be downloaded from the internet.

So who is the winner out of all this? For the average download-er it's great news, for a bit of effort on the internet they can have whatever they desire and cheap. In many cases the quality is not the same but it'll do. As for the movie companies, artists, production companies, whilst they are not going bankrupt they are losing out on a lot of money to the download market. Movie-goers will always enjoy going out for the night, eating popcorn and watching the blockbuster on the big screen, that will hardly change. It is the DVD rental business which was a great earner will suffer enormously. Customers now have the choice, get in the car, drive to the DVD Rental, to find the DVD isn't there, take something else they don't enjoy and receive a fine because they returned it late. Or they can sit down in front of the internet for a quick movie download.

Ashley Lennon.
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