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Bearded Dragon Terrarium - How To Create The Perfect Set Up

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If you love the exotic and unusual then the bearded dragon will completely captivate your heart. These highly sociable creatures are hardy and love the day time. They are quickly becoming a popular pet worldwide. When setting up a bearded dragon terrarium you need to remember four things: flooring, landscaping, temperature, and lighting. These reptiles originate from the Australian outback desert where it is hot and dry, the inside of the terrarium should resemble this climate; the flooring and decorations should resemble the Australian outback.

Beardie's will grow in size to about 22 inches the enclosure needs to be of an adequate size to accommodate the pet when it is fully grown. If you are planning on breeding them the cage should comfortably house several pairs of breeding dragons. The terrarium can be bought at the pet store; however, keep in mind that the ones that are ready-made usually cost much more than homemade ones. You can build a terrarium yourself with relative ease.

Being a cold-blooded lizard means they naturally love to bask in the sun. They do this to absorb UVA and UVB rays which are necessary for their survival. Since the sun is not always pouring through the windows in your home, you will need proper lighting. Providing your dragons with the correct temperature is super important and fairly easy. To achieve a desert-like environment heaters or additional lighting is necessary. When setting the lights and heaters, you have to ensure they have the correct temperature. If it is two set to hot you can cause thermal burns or respiratory infections which can happen if the terrarium (sometimes called a vivarium) becomes too hot or moist.

You have several options for the flooring of your bearded dragon terrarium these include carpets, newspaper or fine sand. Whatever you decide to use for the flooring it should be able to retain heat.

Bearded dragons by nature are very social creatures they like to spend a lot of time outside of the terrarium exploring the outside world or socializing with their human owner. Experienced keepers would recommend taking these lizards outside for at least one hour per day. Each creature has its own temperament which will determine how much time the pet is willing to spend outdoors. Seeing as they will spend most of their time inside the terrarium it should be decorated with a number of friendly accessories including rocks, tree branches, and small logs. You will be able to find many artificial bearded dragon products on the market such as rocks and artificial caves; these can be added over time giving the habitat a natural feel.

In creating your own bearded dragon terrarium the objects that are of most importance are the temperature controlled flooring and landscaping along with lighting. Once these are in place your reptilian friend will feel completely at home. As long as they receive the correct care these social lizards will thrive in captivity if you decide to introduce new objects to your terrarium then you should always check for possible parasites.

When making a bearded dragon terrarium the most common item that is used is a glass enclosure, this is a similar to an aquarium. Glass is used as it will a allow the caregiver, to watch the bearded dragons and enjoy their strange and wonderful behavior.

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JP Jonathan is a finch expert. For more information on finches birds, visit his blog at

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